“Daveed can do everything. What a smorgasbord of offerings. Congratulations. What an extraordinary and generous body of work.”

Eric Booth – Actor, Author, Teaching Artist

New York City NY


“We noticed a marked improvement in our students’ ability to keep a rhythmic beat in other academic areas such as reading, verbalizing patterns, reading poems, and singing songs.”

Lori Hutchison – Assistant Principal

Battle Grove Elementary, Baltimore MD


“The program was implemented in a developmentally appropriate way through a balance between teacher directed instruction and student interaction.”

Kenleigh Stoecklein – Special Educator/Kindergarten ECLS

Battle Grove Elementary, Baltimore MD




“I’m always impressed with what the students are able to do with you by the time of the sharing sessions. Each time we work together, I learn something new.”

Sharon Frazier – Music Teacher

Park Road Montessori School, Charlotte NC


“I believe that every school in Charlotte should have the DrumFest! experience, and I intend to spread the word!  You have a unique gift, not only for drumming, but for teaching as well. The children adore you, and the phrase I hear most often these days is ‘when’s Mr. Daveed coming back’?”

Katie Lucas – Music Teacher

Thomasboro Elementary, Charlotte NC


“You have sparked our imaginations and kindled our creativity with your abundant energy, and love of drums and drumming. During DrumFest! we laughed together and learned to make drums and music, we marched to the beat of a different drummer, we will continue to search for our individual rhythm, and each day we should take time to just play.”

Curtis Jones – Principal, Eisenberg Elementary

Carol Lark – Principal, Kahre Elementary

Las Vegas NV


Daveed in Blue


Daveed……………….the artist & his music


“Korup showed us his full range during his solo as he located a startling array of sounds within his drums…his fingers dance over his instruments…he alternately brought forth the pitter-patter of falling rain on a tin roof and the thomp! Of an elephant’s footstep…Korup was an entire rhythm section all by himself.”

Liz Walser

Home Reporter and Sunset News, Brooklyn NY


“A sacred dance masterpiece…a unique and soulful synchronicity between musicians that is rarely achieved by design…music which moves beyond simple entertainment into the realm of wonder.”

PJ Birosik

New Age Music News & Review


Capital Fringe Festival Review: ‘The Nita and Zita Show’

“…the multi-talented Daveed Korup, who is also the music director, is one of the most exceptional percussionists I have ever had the pleasure of watching.

Joel Markowitz

DC Metro Theater Arts.com, Washington DC





“Daveed had set up his Gong Garden, along with his other “hundreds” of sound-making instruments that people could play each day….damn, I love going to his place.”

Don Waterhawk

Musician and Community Elder, Ft. Myers FL


“I am afraid to say something about Daveed’s drum solo! He is simply superb!”

Peyman Nasehpour

Musician and Mathematician, Tehran, Iran


“I have listened to your CD and want to compliment your work. Your playing is very musical and great technique.”

Jamal Mohammed

Musician and Educator, Dallas TX




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