Welcome to KIDS DRUM / DrumFest!


Hi, I’m Daveed.

“The World is a giant drum just waiting to be played.” — Tao Te Drum I

Rhythm is an expression of that lifeline. It is the basic building block of all life. It provides continuity, but more importantly it provides a frame of reference. The drum is found in almost every culture throughout most of recorded history. It ties us together as a global community.

Welcome to the home of KIDS DRUM Baltimore and DrumFest!


KIDS DRUM / DrumFest! is a hands-on, multicultural drumming experience for people of all ages presented by percussionist Daveed Korup.  DrumFest! promotes a rhythm-based, arts-integrated approach to core learning. Activities range from in-school assembly and artist residency projects to designing to building percussion playgrounds. The menu of possibilities is only limited by your imagination.

KIDS DRUM are programs for preschool-aged children up to seven years old. DrumFest! programs are for students seven years old and up. Everything needed to plan a KIDS DRUM / DrumFest! experience can be found on this site. All activities are structured to foster a safe environment in which participants can create, explore, play and learn.

KIDS DRUM / DrumFest! is ideal for:

  •   Schools & Communities
  •   Children & Families
  •   Teachers & Staff
  •   Neighborhoods & Parks
  •  Corporate & Non-Profit Organizations



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