Daveed @ Port Discovery


My journey has taken me to some amazing places. It brought me to Baltimore where, since 2007 I have been working at Port Discovery Children’s Museum, located in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor district, as their Performing Arts Specialist & Resident Teaching Artist.

My job has been to create interactive, performing arts programs for both guided and volitional guests (people who just came in and buy a ticket). In just under 10 years, over 200,000 children, their parents and other guests have come just into my space, the MPT Studio, to drum, to dance, to play with puppets, sing, experience the work of professional performing artists, in-concert, and the list, literally, goes on and on.

There is something magical, which happens when watching a light bulb going off in a child’s mind. You can see that they get it, whatever that it is. For me, there is no greater payoff.



FUN WITH SOUND … a one-on-one interactive with Daveed Korup



Daveed during a ‘Kick It Up / Museum on the Road’ event.