KidsDRUM! Programming Options


Programs for schools and communities are available in several different formats. Detailed descriptions for KidsDRUM! rhythm-based/arts-integrated programs follows this section. In addition to these possibilities, KidsDRUM! can also address diverse learning issues and concerns that are unique to each host community. These can include: confidence, team and community building, stress reduction, anger and aggression management, drugs and gang prevention, and living with ADD/ADHD.

Here is a brief description of KidsDRUM! presentation options:

  • Assembly Programs range from 45 to 60-minutes and can be tailored for grade-level specific audiences (i.e. K – 2, 3 – 5, 6 – 8, etc) or for the whole school.
  • Professional Development Workshops can run from 90-minutes to several days in length. They can cover a diverse assortment of topics from an introductory hand drumming workshop to how to create dynamic arts integrated experiences for the classroom. Ideal for teacher in-service gatherings.
  • Artist Residency Projects focus on in-depth, small group interaction with the teaching artist, ranging from one or more weeks in length. Classroom activities are designed in accordance with US Department of Education Curriculum Standards, and are tailored to meet individual state’s needs. Pre-event planning is essential for residency projects. Flexibility and adaptability in planning allows programs to be offered to different grade levels, that affords an appropriate balance in content for all students.
  • Custom Programming: The sky’s the limit! Programs for people who want to learn how to build a drum or even a percussion playground. Best suited to small groups, these hands-on programs can vary in length and may require special consideration due to logistical needs.